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Michelle attended Tulane University where she earned her Master of Architecture. Since founding Architectural Affairs with her husband in 1986, she has involved herself in a variety of public and private urban revitalization efforts and has dedicated herself to a community-building approach to design.

The son of an architect, J.P.MacNeil's interest and experience in the architectural profession began early. J.P.'s formal training was completed at the University of Florida where he earned his Bachelor of Design in Architecture and his Master of Architecture. J.P. has worked throughout his career to improve architecture's impact on the built environment through sensitive design and has helped broaden the scope of AA's work through his technical acumen and artistic intuition.

J.P. and Michelle's scope of work extends into a variety of building types and uses including housing, restaurants, retail, governmental, office, and mixed-use projects. They have designed a number of housing types including custom single-family houses, duplexes, apartments, renovations, additions, live/work units, and townhouses.

J.P. and Michelle have received a number of awards and recognition for their work, have held public service leadership positions, and have held board positions for a variety of community organizations.

J.P. and Michelle own and have designed loft apartments in several historic buildings including the Rex Theatre in downtown Pensacola, and currently live and work in the renovated Waterworks building on the north edge of downtown with their two sons.

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